Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Attune Events (hereunder referred to us “Attune Events”, “we”, “us” or “our”) takes care of your Personal Data and other information seriously. Please read this Privacy Policy as it involves critical information regarding your Personal Data and other information.

Personal Data- from Organisers, Non-organisers and other Users of Attune Events:

We do not collect Personal Data that you voluntarily provide on the Attune Event website. This includes the information that you provide while registering for access to the Services as an Organizer, contact us with inquiries, respond to any of our surveys or use certain premium Services. The Personal Data that we do not collect includes your name, address, email address and other personally identifiable information. All payments on are made using PayPal.

Non-Personal Data - from Organisers, Non-organisers and other Users of Attune Events:

Non-Identifiable Data: When you use Attune Event Services, we may collect certain personally non-identifiable information (or "Non-Personal Data"). The Non-Personal Data that we collect includes but is not limited to your Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, the browser used to access our website, other characteristics of your device or machine, the domain names of your ISP, your approximate geographic location, a trace of your usage of the Services, the time of your usage and aggregated Personal Data that cannot be used to particularly identify you. Such information, which is collected inertly through different technologies, cannot, in and of itself, be used to particularly identify you. We also collect Non-Personal Data (that includes but is not limited to the type set mentioned above) from third parties. The information that we collect from third parties may be unified with other information that we collect.

Cookies Policy

A cookie is a part of information that is placed on your web browser when you access and/or use a website that stores text. This can be later read back and Attune Events uses it to recognize your browser and you as a unique User. We use cookies, pixel tags (a tiny invisible tag or graphic placed on certain parts of the Services or other websites, in emails or in certain other downloadable content, but not on your computer, mobile device or browser, except to the extent that you download the content that contains such tags), local shared objects (objects similar to a cookie, except it is stored on your computer or mobile device, instead of your browser, and it can store more than just text), web storage (similar to cookies but can store more information than cookies and usually store that information on a persistent basis) and other similar technologies to identify the approximate geographic location of users of Attune Events. By using the Services, you provide your explicit consent to the use of such technologies described in this Cookie Policy to collect non Personal Data and to the storage of information on your device or web browser.

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