Get Seamless Registration Experience

Setting up your account takes barely a minute on Attune Events. And within minutes you can start selling your event tickets and accept guest registrations.

Create Event Tickets Your Way

Your box office is simple to set up on Attune. Choose the kind of tickets you want to sell – priced or free - and set the rate in your currency.

Let Attendees Choose Their Seats

When they use Attune Events to buy tickets, attendees can also choose their seats for the event. With seat numbers marked on their tickets, there will be no hassles at the venue.

Own Your Event Online

You are the unrestricted owner of your event. When you create it with Attune, there is an assortment of design themes to choose from. Play with colours, designs, fonts, styles and splash creative elements all over your bespoke event page to make it unique.

Promote on Social Media

Of course you can share the details of your event through social media. Once the customised event page is created, let the word spread on Facebook, Twitter & Google +. Let everyone interested join in.

Add Speakers and Sponsors

Attune lets you share speakers’ and sponsors’ profile on your event page to draw more audience. The idea is to highlight the exclusive attractions of the occasion.

Get Stats and Reports

Stay up to date on your event preparations through live reporting. Download the complete list of attendees. Export your reports in MS Excel, CSV and transform them into graphs for quick-to-read formats.

Manage Multiple Events with Ease

With Attune Events you can manage more than one event effortlessly. Keep selling the tickets and co-ordinate with your team members for fabulous results every time.

Affordable Pricing

The fee for using this client-friendly event management software is only 2% of your ticket price. And it never exceeds $7.5 regardless of the cost. If your event does not have paid entry, all features of the software are FREE to use.

Discount for Noble Causes

Organizing a fund raising event for charity? Attune supports you in this friendly gesture and offers a discount of 25% on its fee for all such gatherings.

Responsive Web Design for Android and iOS Compatibility

Attune Events has been created with responsive web design tools. In addition to the humble desktops, your attendees can also buy tickets from their iOS and Android enabled devices.

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