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About Attune

Attune Events is a customised event registration and planning software designed to help users save time and costs in the management of their events. With its support for keeping things in order, it also offers a pleasing experience to the attendees.

Register, Sell Tickets, Know your Guests

As an event organiser, you can register your event in minutes on Attune; promote the occasion on a personalised webpage and start selling your event tickets online instantly. You can also offer special pricing and discounts for early bird registrations. And Attune will keep you updated on the number of attendees who buy your tickets or register for participation.

Stay Organized

Managing all those detailed aspects of event is a breeze now. Attune Events gives you a strong control on the arrangements that are critical to the success of events. It may be a business conference, a fund raising event, a concert, a banquet or any other occasion, you will get reports and easy-to-gauge graphs with this event management software . You’ll love the features and benefits that Attune brings for your events. Let each one of those be wonderfully planned and remembered always!

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